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​About Action Laundry

The story about how I got into the laundromat business is an interesting one.  I sold hot tubs around the country and did a lot of travelling and was pretty successful.  But in 2007, the economy crashed and people began losing their homes to foreclosure.  Needless to say, when a person loses his home, he is not going to purchase a hot tub.  My sales went down and I was losing my house.  I had to figure out what to do, so I saw an ad for a route selling snacks.  I called the person and he told me he would take me on the route so I could decide if this is what I wanted to do.  The first stop was a car dealership and the second stop was a laundromat.  As my mentor was talking, I noticed that there were a lot more people putting quarters in the washing machines than in his snack machine and my focus changed.

Soon after, I saw a laundromat for sale on Craig's List.  I met the owner, who also owned the shopping center that the laundromat was in.  The place was in bad shape.  Only a few of the washing machines worked!  I talked at length to the owner.  I was interested, but had no money.  I pledged that I would spend the next month cleaning and repairing his laundromat.  I was mechanically inclined and a hard worker.  I told him that I would spend a month working hard if he would sell me the laundromat, and allow me to buy it with no money out of pocket.

The one month turned into three, but at the end of those three months, the owner shook my hand and sold me my first laundromat!  I made no money for quite a while until I paid off the owner.  My laundromat ownership began in 2008.  Since then, I have purchased four additional laundromats.  All are named Action Laundry and all are being remodeled and updated.  In 2016, I purchased the Clarkston Laundromat and have added full-time laundry attendants.  We do wash, dry, and fold and are just beginning to offer FREE laundry pickup and delivery.  Schedule your pickup.  You'll love this service.