What Our Customers Are Saying

Action Laundry takes the happiness of their customers seriously.  We love getting good reviews!  We've recently changed names, so some of the reviews with our old name, SOL Laundry, appear here too.  Please take a look at what our customers say about us!

"I haven't been here in awhile, didn't realize there's a new owner! I like the upgrades that have been made to the store. I really LOVE the new washers. The attendants are very helpful and the place is very clean."

"Workers are courteous and friendly. The place is well maintained. They have good washing machines and the dryers which work well. They also sell laundry detergents and supplies. Highly recommended."

"So I've been doing my laundry at laundromats for quite awhile now and I've seen the good ones and the bad ones, the dirty ones and the clean ones, the efficient ones and inefficient ones and I have to say, Action Laundry (Sol Laundry) is by far the best!!! The machines work great and if there is ever an issue with one of them, the staff is on top of it and if they can't take care of the problem right away, they will refund your quarters so that you can use a different machine. The store is always clean. There is always fresh coffee to drink as well as pop machines and vending machines. But the thing that is most impressive is the staff for sure. There is an older lady who works the morning shift who is the sweetest nicest lady I've ever met in my life. And as I sit and wait for my laundry to finish, I can't help it to observe her and all she does is run around helping other people and clean the machines. I don't think I've ever seen her stop and sit down for a minute. She's always too busy helping other people so to sum it up, the customer service is impeccable and the cleanliness is also impeccable. I will never use a different laundry mat as long as I live and that's a promise!!! Good job. If I could give you 10 or more stars I definitely would!!!"

"Nice place. Well kept. Friendly faces. Good parking."

"This is my second time coming here. This laundromat is great! I will continue coming here."

"They are the best! Treat yourself right and go here. Plenty of washers of all sizes."

"This place is always clean and there are plenty of washers and dryers. The bathroom is clean. When I drop off laundry, they are very organized and do my laundry exactly as I request."

"Very nice laundromat. Very clean. Machines are top of the line. Dryers are excellent."

"We have been on the road for two years and find ourselves in a different laundromat every 10 days. I often pick our stops based on Google reviews. Action Laundry is the among the best laundromats we've visited. It is clean and the machines were great and very competitively prices."